Reports & Publications

Fiche d’information: Taux d’emploi des immigrants selon le sexe, Canada, 2006-2012

Faits saillants

  • Pour les 12 derniers mois jusqu’à décembre 2012, 76,5% des immigrants reçus (âgés entre 25 et 54 ans) occupaient un emploi.
  • Ce taux est 6,8% plus bas que le taux d’emploi des citoyens canadiens de naissance.
  • L’écart entre ces deux taux d’emploi s’est accru, mais très légèrement, pendant le ralentissement économique.
  • Une grande partie de cet écart est dû à un plus grand écart pour les femmes que pour les hommes.

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Literature Review – Integration Outcomes

This report reviews research on the factors shaping the economic and social integration outcomes of permanent immigrants to Canada. The impact of source country/region and immigration class are of principal interest, but the effects of secondary explanatory variables, including, but not limited to, education, gender, age, and language…

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LIP-Municipal Interactions and CIC’s Strategic Interests

This report was commissioned from the Welcoming Communities Initiative (WCI) by the Integration Branch of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Its purpose is to examine and describe the evolving relationship between Local Immigration Partnerships and their municipal hosts. CIC also wanted to know what impact the…

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Analysis of LIP Strategic Plans

The Analysis of LIP Strategic Plans, conducted in 2011 and 2012, resulted in two reports: (1) The Analysis of LIP Strategic Plans: Priorities and Directions; and (2) The Analysis of LIP Strategic Plans: Promising Practices. The initial study, ‘The Analysis of LIP Strategic Plans: Priorities…

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Open Method of Coordination

The goal of this project was to investigate a method that would allow Local Immigration Partnership plans and programs to be assessed in a detailed, inclusive and coordinated way. The Open Method of Coordination was developed – and is being used – by the European…

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