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Agency of the Future – Concept Paper

Canada’s immigrant service agencies and umbrella associations are facing major changes that will profoundly change the sector’s orientation, financing and organization. In the past, the sector’s response to such changes has been passive and adaptive. The Agency of the Future project is designed to help…

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Western Settlement Outcomes Survey

This report provides an overview of recent settlement outcomes of immigrants living in the four provinces of CIC’s new Western region. The report also offers comparisons of similarities and differences across the region, and suggests factors that may account for this variation.  It is hoped…

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FactSheet: Recent Arrivals by Firm Size in 2012


  • In 2012, there were 455,000 “recent” immigrants (who had arrived in the previous 5 years) and 294,000 “temporary residents” who were employed by firms in Canada.
  • These recent arrivals represented 5% of paid employees working in Canada (3% were “recent” immigrants” and 2% were “temporary residents”).
  • The shares were higher in the four western provinces and the shares are somewhat higher among smaller firms. Manitoba is an exception.
  • Over the 2006 to 2012 period, these recent arrivals have grown in numbers (a growth of 1% per year for “recent” immigrants and a growth of 5% per year for “temporary residents”).
  • The highest combined rates of growth have been in Saskatchewan. Manitoba is relatively higher in the growth of “recent” immigrants and Alberta is relatively higher in the growth of “temporary residents”.
  • Rates of growth are generally (but not always) higher among smaller firms.

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