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Pathways to Prosperity 2019 National Conference

We are pleased to announce that the Pathways to Prosperity Partnership will hold its seventh annual conference at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto on Thursday, October 31 and Friday, November 1, 2019, with a full-day Pre-conference for Local Immigration Partnerships and the Réseaux en immigration francophone on Wednesday, October 30. Standing Committee Meetings will take place in conjunction with the conference, and the Board of Directors Meeting will take place on the morning of Saturday,November 2. The conference will include plenary sessions, workshops, poster presentations, and opportunities to network with colleagues.Conference and Preconference details, workshop and poster calls for proposals, registration information, hotel booking information (room rate $229 per night), and exhibitor opportunities will be announced in the coming weeks.

P2P-IRCC Preconference

P2P-IRCC Preconference at International Metropolis 2019 – How Do We Know What’s Working? Measuring Settlement Outcomes for Individuals and Communities

Monday, June 24, 2019 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Shaw Centre, Ottawa, Canada

Pathways to Prosperity Partnership is pleased to invite you to the P2P-IRCC preconference on “How Do We Know What’s Working? Measuring Settlement Outcomes for Individuals and Communities”. Through presentations and table discussions, this hands-on, full-day event will explore new strategies for measuring immigrants’ economic, social and civic-cultural outcomes at both the service delivery and community levels. The focus will be on strategies for determining what works and what doesn’t, as well as new ways of measuring processes and change, attributing outcomes, and assessing community impact. Outcome measurement is not only a tool for ensuring accountability. It provides a basis for identifying promising practices that can be further developed and shared; allows us to identify practices that need improvement and suggests how to do so; and, at the community level, points to areas in need of particular attention. This preconference will be of interest to representatives of all levels of government, the settlement sector, funders, researchers working in the area, and all stakeholders interested in having an evidence base to ensure the successful settlement and integration of newcomers.

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Promising practices

Developing an Evidence Base and Sharing Settlement and Integration Practices that Work (DEB)

Pathways to Prosperity (P2P) has been contracted by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to design, implement, and evaluate a process for identifying and sharing promising practices in settlement and integration with an empirical basis for their effectiveness. Over a two-year period, P2P will produce 25 videos and accompanying briefs on promising practices in the immigrant settlement and integration sector, targeting a range of service areas and client groups.

Promising practices are practices that have an objective basis for claiming effectiveness in achieving their stated aims and that have the potential for replication. Thus, promising practices are defined in terms of their effectiveness, which can be empirically measured as successful outcomes of the practice. Our approach will focus not only on identifying truly promising practices, but on analyzing and sharing key features that can be replicated. Promising practices may have faced challenges in their initial implementation, and these challenges will also be considered and analyzed so that others can learn from these experiences.

The first call for nominations was launched in January 2019 and targeted the following service areas: promoting welcoming communities; language instruction in the workplace; information and orientation; supports for youth and addressing intergenerational issues; adapting settlement services and supports for rural and remote communities; and housing supports. A total of 79 nominations were received, and 6 practices were selected for further analysis.

The next call for nominations will be launched in spring / summer 2019.

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