Call for Nominations

Developing an Evidence Base and Sharing Settlement and Integration Practices that Work (DEB)

Pathways to Prosperity (P2P) is pleased to announce a new Call for Nominations for the project Developing an Evidence Base and Sharing Settlement and Integration Practices that Work (DEB). Pathways to Prosperity has been contracted by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to share innovative promising practices in immigrant settlement and integration with an empirical basis for their effectiveness. To date we have produced 31 videos and briefs for this purpose, and over the next four years we will be producing an additional 34 videos and accompanying briefs on promising practices, targeting a range of service areas, providers, and client groups.

Promising practices are innovative practices that have an objective basis for claiming effectiveness in achieving their stated aims and that have the potential for replication. Thus, promising practices are defined in terms of their innovation and effectiveness, which can be empirically measured as successful outcomes of the practice. Our approach focuses not only on identifying truly promising practices, but on analyzing and sharing key features that can be replicated. Of course, promising practices may have faced challenges in their initial implementation, and these challenges are also considered and analyzed so that others can learn from these experiences.

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P2P Conference

Hold the Date: Pathways to Prosperity 2021 National Conference

As mentioned at the Pathways to Prosperity 2020 National Conference, we are pleased to announce that Pathways to Prosperity will hold its ninth
annual national conference on Monday November 8 and Tuesday November 9, 2021, with the conference for Local Immigration Partnerships and Réseaux en immigration francophone on Wednesday November 10, 2021.

Depending on pandemic health regulations and your responses to the Stakeholder Annual Evaluation and Future Planning survey, the conferences will be virtual or hybrid (with in-person and virtual sessions).
Irrespective of format, the conferences will include plenary sessions, workshops, poster presentations, and opportunities to network with
colleagues. Exhibitor and sponsor opportunities will also be available. More details will be announced over the course of the summer.

P2P 2020 National Conference and P2P 2021 Virtual Workshop Series

Until recently, the videos and PowerPoint presentations from the Pathways to Prosperity 2020 National Conference and the 2021 Virtual Workshop Series were available only on the conference platform for those who had registered for either event. However, if you were unable to join the Conference and/or Virtual Workshop Series, you can now download the PowerPoint presentations and view the presentation videos on the P2P website.

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An RSC Policy Briefing

Supporting Canada’s COVID-19 Resilience and Recovery Through Robust Immigration Policy and Programs

Canada has been seen globally as a leader in immigration and integration policies and programs, and as an attractive and welcoming country for immigrants, refugees, temporary foreign workers, and international students. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed some of the strengths of Canada’s immigration system, as well as some of the fault lines that have been developing over the last few years. In this briefing, members of the Pathways to Prosperity Partnership provide an overview of Canada’s immigration system prior to the pandemic, discuss the system’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities revealed by the pandemic, and explore a post-COVID-19 immigration vision. Over the next three years, the Government of Canada intends to bring over 1.2 million new permanent residents to Canada. In addition, Canada will continue to accept many international students, refugee claimants, and temporary foreign workers for temporary residence here. The importance of immigration for Canada will continue to grow and be an integral component of the country’s post-COVID-19 recovery. To succeed, it is essential to take stock, to re-evaluate Canada’s immigration and integration policies and programs, and to expand Canada’s global leadership in this area. The authors offer insights and over 80 recommendations to reinvigorate and optimize Canada’s immigration program over the next decade and beyond.

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Latest Media Stories

CBC News – Permanent Residents in Limbo Waiting to Immigrate to Canada

Aashray Kovi refreshes his email several times a day hoping for good news from Canadian immigration officials. The 28-year-old computer programmer who lives in Bangalore, India, is one of about 23,000 aspiring immigrants with expired or soon-to-be expired documents waiting to enter Canada. “It’s really depressing for all of us,”... Read more »

Globe and Mail – Special Immigration Measures Will Help Canada Resettle Thousands of Afghans Who Worked with Military, Embassy

Thousands of Afghan nationals who worked for Canadian troops and diplomatic staff will be allowed to resettle in Canada through a fast-tracked process, as part of a new federal program intended to protect them from Taliban reprisals. Three cabinet ministers on Friday described the program to reporters. The announcement comes... Read more »

Toronto Star- ‘Celebrating with sadness’: Muslims mark sombre Eid, some without health restrictions

 Haseeb Azhar says it felt odd hugging a Muslim co-worker and friend in Edmonton as he wished him a happy Eid.  “Some people were hesitating … it felt very weird,” said the manager at a steel manufacturing company. “Since it was a weekday, I had to go back to work... Read more »