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Vulnerable Newcomers: Literature Search and Annotated Bibliography

In this project we investigate how the concept of vulnerability is used when discussing newcomers to Canada. Although many researchers use the term vulnerable when discussing newcomers to Canada, very few directly address what exactly this means, though this term is often used in describing…

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Migration Nation Advantages: Lessons from Canada and Around the World

Migration Nation Advantages is a timely and contemporary review and analysis of the literature that will explain global immigration policies and programs and its wide ranging effects from a historical, economic, and social perspective. In particular, the report will evaluate the major ingredients of immigration…

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In Search of Welcoming Neighbourhoods and Adequate Housing: The Experiences of Recent Newcomers in North Bay and Timmins, Ontario

The Settlement Program of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada identifies newcomers’ integration into Canadian society as key to the successful realization of the economic, social, and cultural benefits of immigration (IRCC, 2019). The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is a community-driven program that is specifically designed…

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