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Are SMEs with Immigrant Owners Exceptional Exporters?

Do the knowledge, language skills, experience, and contacts of immigrant business owners constitute valuable resources when conducting business globally? Or do these attributes make them overconfident, and therefore less able to derive advantages from internationalizing? Immigrants are generally recognized for their strong entrepreneurial orientation. When…

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Examination of Older Immigrants’ Contributions to Canadian Society

Previous research on older immigrants in Canada focused on their health problems and utilization of health care services. Despite the fact that older immigrants consistently support their families and communities, there is a lack of research on older immigrants’ contributions. Research objectives were: (1) To…

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Art and Immigration: Hidad by Nadia Seboussi

This research explores how newcomer experiences and experiences of immigration are expressed through the creative arts and how experiences of migration, immigration, trauma, memory, longing, and belonging become factors or motivators of innovation and creation.  

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