Current Research

The list of current projects includes research undertaken by the Welcoming Communities Initiative which is now the Ontario Node of the P2P.  Clicking Read More offers research overviews, project leaders, timelines, and deliverables.

Immigrant Seniors

Senior immigrants arrive with a wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills, but these may remain largely underutilized after they arrive in Canada. This project will assess the need for ESL and FSL language training programs for immigrant seniors in Ottawa. It will also identify partners able to deliver such programs. A key research interest is whether the social, civic and economic integration of immigrant seniors plays out the same way for different ethnic, cultural and religious groups, and the role that language plays in these processes. In addition, an important question is whether integration plays out differently in Francophone minority communities.

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Who Are Recent Immigrants and What Are Their Economic Activities?

Policy and debates around immigration over the last two decades have focused on immigrants’ capacity to make meaningful contributions to the Canadian economy. This paper uses the Longitudinal Immigrant Data Base (IMDB) to analyze the economic outcomes of five cohorts of economic and family sponsored immigrants to Canada and Nova Scotia between 1990-1994 and 2010-2012. We specifically examine how economic and non-economic category immigrants fare in terms of economic outcomes and what are their rates of employment and average earnings.

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Partenariats Locaux en matière d’Immigration et Réseaux de soutien en immigration francophone : stratégies pour augmenter l’harmonisation et développer des outils de mesure de performance

Depuis ses débuts, VVP a conduit de nombreuses recherches et a travaillé étroitement avec les Partenariats Locaux en matière d’Immigration (PLI) et d’autres initiatives locales. Par conséquent, nous sommes très heureux de travailler sur un nouveau projet pour CIC qui promouvra les activités,…

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Partenariat entre Voies vers la prospérité et Career Edge pour examiner les facteurs contribuant à l’utilité des stages pour les professionnels formés à l’étranger

Voies vers la prospérité est heureux d’annoncer un partenaire avec Career Edge (un organisme sans but lucratif qui s’occupe de trouver des stages payés à des professionnels formés à l’étranger et à des Canadiens) au travers du soutien au travail de Rui Zhang, post-doctorant à l’Université…

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