Current Research

The list of current projects includes research undertaken by the Welcoming Communities Initiative which is now the Ontario Node of the P2P.  Clicking Read More offers research overviews, project leaders, timelines, and deliverables.

Policing as a Career Option among Newcomer and Aboriginal Youth

Project Description: This pilot project focuses on two specific target groups in Hamilton and Thunder Bay: second generation newcomer youth and Aboriginal youth. The research will focus on two main questions: 1) what are second generation newcomer and Aboriginal youths’ experiences with the police?;…

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Healthy Welcoming Communities Created by Immigrant Youth

Project Description: This project will identify what immigrant youth in a second-tier Ontario city envision as a healthy community, one in which they would want to live, and where they can participate fully in civic life. The project aims to develop relationships with local immigrant youth and to include…

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Measuring Outcomes of Local Immigration Partnerships

Project Description: This study collates data on a number of indictors of a welcoming community. These include employment opportunities, educational opportunities, affordable and suitable housing, attitudes toward immigrants and cultural diversity, presence of newcomer-serving agencies, accessible public…

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Study of Innovative and Promising Practices

Project Description: This study examines innovative and promising practices by settlement service provider organizations. Using a cross-Canada case study approach, it tests a methodology for identifying promising practices and analyzing the conditions that contribute to their effectiveness. In the first…

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Post-Secondary Experiences and Outcomes Study

Project Description: This study looks at immigrant students’ outcomes in the Greater Toronto Area and a number of second- and third-tier Ontario cities; the Academica Group and the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario are partners. The project includes an examination of the college applications…

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International Students as Future Citizens

Project Description: Universities are increasingly focused on recruiting fee-paying undergraduate foreign students to increase their revenues and enhance their international profiles and networks. Simultaneously, the Canadian government has begun to develop strategies for attracting foreign students…

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