Pathways to Prosperity 2015 Preconference Workshop: Measurement Strategies for Settlement Agencies, Local Immigration Partnerships, and Réseaux en immigration francophone

November 29, 2015

Delta Hotel-Downtown Toronto, 75 Lower Simcoe Street


Introductory Comments
Victoria Esses and Jean McRae, Pathways to Prosperity Co-Chairs


Session 1: Understanding CIC Evaluations and Reporting
Chair: Jean McRae, Intercultural Association of Greater Victoria
Panel presentations on CIC reporting and evaluation – What is currently being measured, how is it measured, how do reports fit into the evaluation, what other components make up the evaluation.

  • Understanding CIC Evaluations and Reporting (Download Presentation) (Video)
    David Kurfurst, Citizenship and Immigration Canada
    Alicia Simms, Citizenship and Immigration Canada
    Marie-Eve Filteau, Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  • iCARE: Supporting CIC Performance Measurement and Evaluation (Download Presentation) (Video)
    Martha Justus, Citizenship and Immigration Canada


Session 2: Understanding Other Funding Agencies’ Reporting and Evaluation
Chair: Audrey Andrews, Region of Durham
Panel presentations on reports and evaluations currently being prepared for other funding agencies – What are the requirements, what is being measured, how much overlap is there in the reporting being done for different funders.

  • Program Evaluation and Meeting the Challenge of Open Government (Download Presentation) (Video)
    Jamie Pitts, Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade
  • Reporting: The Ravenous Beast
    Craig Mackie, PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada
  • Balancing the Reporting Demands of Multiple Funders: A Juggling Act (Download Presentation) (Video)
    Sandra Wilking, S.U.C.C.E.S.S


Session 3: Role of Internal Performance Assessment and Research
Chair: Vicki Sinclair, Immigrant Center Manitoba
Panel presentations on internal performance assessment and research – How do agencies and networks conduct internal performance assessments, what type of data and measures are utilized, how can research involving outcome measurement contribute to the work that agencies and networks do.

  • Internal and External Evaluations: Mechanisms for the Efficiency and Professionalization of the Newcomer Settlement Sector (Download Presentation) (Video)
    Ida Kamariza, Association canadienne-francaise de l’Alberta
  • Research on Measures of Community and Immigrant Outcomes: What We Have Done and What We Can Do (Download Presentation) (Video)
    Zenaida Ravanera, Pathways to Prosperity


Session 4: Breakout Groups for Specific Objectives

  • On the Use of iCARE Data: Soliciting Suggestions for a Tool Kit and Use for Analytic Purposes
    Co-Chairs: Martha Justus, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and Zenaida Ravanera, Pathways to Prosperity
  • On Adapting Measures and Tools to the Situation of Francophone Services and Networks
    Co-Chairs: Mireille Paquet, Concordia University, and Anne-Marie Robert, Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  • On Making the Work that Researcher Do More Useful to Agencies, LIP’s and RIF’s
    Co-Chairs: Kathy Burnette, Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia, and Victoria Esses, Pathways to Prosperity


Session 5: Next Steps and Plans for Collaboration, Closing
Jean McRae and Victoria Esses, Pathways to Prosperity Co-Chairs