Pathways to Prosperity 2014 National Conference – Workshops

The Pathways to Prosperity 2014 National Conference included five workshops. Here are the links to the PowerPoint presentations from these workshops, where available.

Presentations can be accessed by clicking the presentation title. 


1. Research Priorities for Immigration to Northern, Smaller, and Remote Communities  

Chairs: Cathy Woodbeck, Thunder Bay Multicultural Association, and Anne Robineau, Canadian Institute for Research on Linguistic Minorities

This is a discussion forum on recent and continuing research in northern, remote and small communities, as well as a discussion on what the needs are with respect to research relevant to these communities. Examples of research on employment, economic growth, the economic integration of immigrants from linguistic minorities, and labour market needs are featured. A Northern, Smaller and Remote Community open conversation about research priorities and use of statistics is part of the workshop.


2. Availability and Use of Large Scale Datasets Related to Immigrants and Immigration

Chairs: Michael Haan, University of New Brunswick, and Zoua Vang, McGill University

With recent changes in the federal data landscape, it becomes increasingly important for immigration researchers and policymakers to leverage existing data sources to the fullest extent possible. This workshop features both recent examples of research that relies on administrative data sources and government representatives who talk about some of the data that are currently under development.


3.  Funding Opportunities

Chairs: Audrey Andrews, Region of Durham, and Victoria Esses, University of Western Ontario

This session is intended to achieve two goals. First, it provides a how-to guide for connecting people and organizations with resources through Funders Forums. An example is provided of how these forums can leverage funds and grow community capacity. Second, the session provides a Funders Forum for those who are interested in current research funding programs, including a chance to ask questions of the funders.


4.  Research Priorities for Francophone Immigration

Chairs: Gerry Clement, GLC Consulting & Services, and Marjie Brown, Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne du Canada (FCFA)

In the summer of 2014, the P2P Standing Committee on Francophone Immigration began to consider research priorities for Francophone immigration. This interactive workshop presents the first results of this work and, in particular, continues the discussion with all participants, taking into account the views of community, university and government stakeholders.


5.     Agency of the Future: Taking Stock of Progress and Feedback on Survey Instrument

Chairs: Meyer Burstein, Pathways to Prosperity, and Mario Calla, COSTI Immigrant Services

Workshop participants are brought up to date on the Agency of the Future project. The workshop primarily revolves around a presentation on a proposed pan-Canadian survey of existing and planned commercial services offered by settlement agencies. The survey also explores the use of information and communications technology to deliver immigration-related services, to communicate with clients and stakeholders, and to gather and analyze data on client needs and outcomes. Participant feedback is actively sought.