Contact and Bio Information


Steven Noble, Ph.D.


Current Position:   Freelance Researcher

Institutional Affiliation:   Multicultural Association of Charlotte County

Location:   Atlantic

Sector:   Other
  • Economic Integration
  • Social and Cultural Integration
  • Political and Civic Integration
  • Health and Well-being
  • At-Risk Immigrants

Languages:   English


I have been working with international students, refugees, and immigrants to Canada for the past 20 years, most notably in the area of integration and culture shock. I possess my Masters from the University of British Columbia where I explored culture shock and integration issues through various art therapy and counseling psychology approaches. Further, I possess my doctorate from the University of British Columbia in the area of working with at-risk populations within a community development setting in order to enhance community capacity. Finally, I have been working with international students, refugees and immigrants seeking resettlement and integration into local rural communities in Atlantic Canada. My research approach is qualitative, so I explore the dynamics of resettlement from both the immigrant perspective and that of the surrounding community.