Contact and Bio Information

Hindia Mohamoud


Current Position:   Director

Institutional Affiliation:   Catholic Centre for Immigrants, City of Ottawa, and Local Agencies Serving Immigrants

Location:   Ontario

Sector:   Local Immigration Partnership
  • Settlement and Service Provision
  • Economic Integration
  • Social and Cultural Integration
  • Health and Well-being
  • At-Risk Immigrants

Languages:   English, French, Italian, and Somali


The work of the Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership covers five areas of expertise: settlement, economic integration, socio-civic integration, health and wellbeing, and building institutional capacity for equity.

Much of work can be characterised in leveraging tacit knowledge developed in the field by professionals working in the above areas and promoting common understanding on challenges and charting a path for progress on shared priorities.

This knowledge is nuanced and detailed and serves the development of action strategies. As such, the expertise I would bring is biased towards action.