Contact and Bio Information

Bayan Khatib


Current Position:   Communications Director

Institutional Affiliation:   Syrian Canadian Foundation

Location:   Ontario

Sector:   Service Provider
  • Settlement and Service Provision
  • Social and Cultural Integration

Languages:   English and Arabic


Bayan Khatib, is the co-founder and Executive Director of The Syrian Canadian Foundation, which aims to empower newcomers and people of diverse backgrounds and promote cross-cultural connections within Canadian society. She is also the co-founder of the annual Syria Film Festival in Toronto, which aims to give voice to the struggles and hopes of the Syrian people. For the past nine years, Bayan lead a multinational media campaign, had numerous media appearances, and participated as a speaker on the Syrian crisis at local and international events and conferences. Bayan is the translator of Just Five Minutes: Nine Years in the Prisons of Syria, a memoir of a female political prisoner, and is also the author of numerous short works of fiction and opinion articles published in The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star. Bayan is also a member of the Child and Youth Refugee Research Coalition’s strategic advisory committee.