Co-Investigator Led Projects

Theme: Warmth of the Welcome: Economic and Social Integration of Immigrants in Canada

Project Lead: Herbert  J  Schuetze,  University  of  Victoria

Project Lead: Yoko  Yoshida,  Dalhousie  University

Project Lead: Caroline Andrew, University of Ottawa

Project Lead: Abdie  Kazemipur,  University  of  Lethbridge

Project Lead: Sheila Petty, University of Regina

Project Lead: Danielle Gaucher, University of Winnipeg

Project Lead: Tony Fang, Memorial University


Theme: Health and Well-being of Immigrants in Canada

Project Lead: Ted McDonald, University of New Brunswick


Theme: International Students as Future Citizens

Project Lead: Chedly Belkhodja, Concordia University


Theme: The Role of Employers and the Private Sector in Newcomer Integration

Project Lead: Julie  Drolet,  University  of  Calgary


Theme: Regionalization and Immigration to Non-metropolitan Communities

Project Lead: Michael  Haan,  University  of  New  Brunswick

Project Lead:  Carlo Lavoie, University of Prince Edward Island

Project Lead: Carlos Teixeira, University of British Columbia – Okanagan

Project Lead: Michèle  Vatz  Laaroussi,  University  of  Sherbrooke