Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Racism Observatory

The observatory aims to equip policy-makers, researchers, and practitioners with diagnostics for assessing levels of racism and discrimination, and practical tools for promoting harmony and inclusion.

The catalogue of articles contains extensive English and French language entries drawn from governments, national and international bodies, local sources, businesses, think tanks, research groups, and the general academic literature.  All entries are recent (post 1999) and are relevant to immigrants, visible minorities, racial minorities, and religious minorities. The Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Racism Observatory was funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Ontario Region, and developed by the Welcoming Communities Initiative (now the Ontario node of the Pathways to Prosperity Partnership).


Several search methods are available:

  1. A general search using the Google search command at the top of the page. This search is optimized for key words in the Observatory’s inventory.
  2. A specialized search based on listed parameters.  Dropdown menus offer multiple selections.

Once a list of entries has been generated, the Sort button allows the list to be organized by: author, publication year, discipline, or type of material.