The Pathways to Prosperity Student and Postdoctoral Exchange Program – 2018

Call for Expressions of Interest from Students/Postdoctoral Fellows and Those Who Would Be Willing to Host Them

The P2P exchange program provides relocation travel funding so that students and post-doctoral fellows have opportunities to participate in new research or broaden the scope and breadth of research they already have underway; collect and/or analyze data at another university, at a settlement agency, or at a government department; and take courses at another university while also conducting research there. Descriptions of previous exchanges can be found on page 8 of the April 2018 eBulletin and starting on page 6 of the May 2017 eBulletin.


The Details:

We will provide travel funding of up to $2500 to four individuals this year, with placements to begin in the Fall or Winter of 2018-2019. This arrangement might also be eligible for additional funding through the Mitacs Accelerate program, for which the Pathways to Prosperity has pre-approval.

The due date for applications is May 28, 2018. By applying to the exchange program, you are giving us permission to circulate your application to interested applicants or hosts. We will facilitate discussions and negotiations between applicants and hosts, with the goal of ensuring that when a successful match is made and funded, there is clear agreement about the duration and responsibilities of both parties.


Application Process for Interested Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows Who Would Like to Participate in the Exchange:

Electronic applications of maximum eight pages should be sent to and must contain:

1. An application letter of no more than 4 pages indicating:

  • Why you are interested in this program and how it would help advance your research
  • A description of your research interests and skills (please provide as much detail as possible), and the type of exchange in which you would like to participate
  • Your expected timelines
  • Expected budget (only travel and accommodation can be covered)

2. A short curriculum vitae of maximum four pages, including your current and previous academic studies and your research achievements

3. The name and contact information of your thesis or post-doctoral supervisor who we may contact for a reference


 Application Process for Interested Partners, Collaborators, and Co-Investigators Who Would Be Interested in Hosting an Exchange Student or Postdoctoral Fellow:

Electronic applications of maximum four pages should be sent to and must contain:

1. A description of the type of research opportunity you would be able to offer to a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow

2. The skills you anticipate being required for the research you have in mind

3. Your expected timelines

4. Resources you would be able to offer (e.g., space, data, salary, matching funds for a Mitacs internship)


We will form a committee from among the Board members to evaluate the proposals and try to match applicants with interested hosts.