Call for Proposals for Projects Related to the Pathways to Prosperity’s National Themes – 2018

Pathways to Prosperity invites proposals for funding of up to $8,000 per project for research projects related to the following P2P national research themes:

  • Economic Integration of Immigrants in Canada (e.g., industry strategies for recruitment, retention, and promotion of immigrant workers; promising practices in linking language training with employment)
  • Social and Cultural Integration of Immigrants in Canada (e.g., role of welcoming communities; city/municipal strategies for inclusion)
  • Multi-stakeholder Partnerships Designed to Facilitate Immigrant Settlement andIntegration in Canada  (e.g., how partnerships can contribute to improved immigrant outcomes; measurement of LIP and RIF outcomes)
  • Temporary Resident Streams in Canada (e.g., effect of policy changes on rates of transition to permanent residency; impact of temporary resident streams on smaller communities and rural areas)
  • Role of the Settlement Sector and Not-for-Profits in Canada (e.g., strategies for connecting pre-arrival services with services in Canada; the service needs of immigrants coming to Canada through new selection streams)
  • Health and Well-being of Immigrants in Canada (e.g., immigrant and refugee physical and mental health care needs and use)
  • Location Decisions of Immigrants to Canada (e.g., migration patterns within Canada; provincial/jurisdictional retention strategies)
  • At-Risk Populations of Immigrants in Canada (e.g., refugee claimants – patterns, challenges and best practices in solutions; promising practices in supporting women, youth, seniors, and vulnerable immigrants)

For more information on these themes, please see here.

Up to five proposals will be funded in this round. Funding must be used for primary research related to one of the themes and should represent the first step in a larger, cross-regional project for which outside funding will be sought. As a Pathways to Prosperity project, the research must have a policy or practice component.

Please note that this funding can be bundled with other funding for a larger project and can be used to leverage additional funding from other sources. However, if additional funding is not obtained, the awarded amount of funding from P2P cannot be increased.

Proposals should be submitted by individuals or teams that are led by P2P collaborators or partners, and may be submitted in either English or French. Graduate students may be members, but not leads, of these teams.

Applications should be submitted through this link by August 31, 2018. Decisions will be made by September 14, 2018, with projects expected to be completed by June 30, 2019. A report based on the research will be required for posting on the P2P website, as well as an article to appear in the P2P eBulletin.

Applications should be a maximum of 6 pages, and include:

  • Rationale (including policy and practice concerns)
  • Relation to a P2P theme
  • Proposed methodology
  • Description of the research team
  • Deliverables
  • Details of plans for extending the research to a cross-regional project, and sources of outside funding to which subsequent applications will be made
  • Timeline
  • Detailed budget

Applications should be submitted through this link by August 31, 2018.