Graduate Student – Faculty Workshop on Migration-Related Research

Wednesday June 1, 1:45 – 5 PM, Calgary AB

The Pathways to Prosperity Partnership’s (P2P) Standing Committee for Student Engagement and the Student Concerns Subcommittee of the Canadian Sociological Association invite graduate students from all disciplines to participate in a half-day workshop during the 85th meeting of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Calgary, AB. This workshop will provide a select group of graduate students with the opportunity to receive oral and written feedback on an unpublished piece of migration-related research from an expert in the field.

The workshop will allocate each graduate student 30 minutes, including time to present a brief description of their work (10 minutes), receive oral feedback from a faculty member working in the area (10 minutes), and open discussion on their paper (10 minutes).

Graduate students with migration-related research interests who would like to learn more about writing and review processes are also invited to attend the workshop and participate in providing feedback to their peers.

We invite abstracts of original research on any aspect of migration, settlement, and integration in Canada, submitted by the deadline of March 4, 2016. The student should be the sole or lead author. Notification concerning the acceptance of abstracts will be provided by March 14, 2016. Confirmation of attendance will be requested prior to March 21, 2016. All those who have confirmed their attendance will be required to send their final paper by May 2, 2016. The final papers will be sent to a faculty member working in the same area to provide constructive feedback. The final papers will also be distributed to fellow participants at the workshop.

Workshop attendees are required to register for Congress and are responsible for arranging Congress registration, accommodation and travel. There will be up to $800 per presenter available to cover travel expenses based on need.

We look forward to seeing you in Calgary. We also welcome attendees who would like to attend the workshop but not present in the session. If you have any questions please do contact us at:

SCSE Workshop Organizers,

Guliz Akkaymak                    Claudia Prévost                   Mabel Ho
Heather Holroyd                   Josh McKeown                    Sara Vieira