Settlement Outcomes Survey for the Province of Alberta

Project Description:
This research includes the design, implementation, and analysis of a survey of recent newcomers to Alberta examining their experiences with settlement services in the province and their integration outcomes. Our sample includes roughly 1,000 immigrants to Alberta, 18 years of age and over, who have been living in the province for a period ranging from 3 to 60 months. In order to identify potential survey participants and obtain their most recent contact information, we are utilizing data from Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Global Case Management System which includes the database of applicants for permanent residency and the database of applicants for citizenship testing. Together, these sources capture immigrants who have recently arrived in Alberta, as well as those who have resided in the province for longer periods of time.


The survey is being administered using computer-assisted telephone interviewing, optimizing our ability to engage individuals with potentially limited literacy or language fluency. It includes blocks assessing: newcomer information needs and use, use of settlement services in Alberta, level of satisfaction with settlement services in Alberta, motivations for accessing or declining settlement services in Alberta, perceptions of service gaps in Alberta, recommendations for improving settlement services in Alberta, economic integration and outcomes, social integration and outcomes, well-being, and attachment to Alberta. In addition, the survey includes questions on key demographic variables to allow us to compare newcomers’ experiences as a function of these variables and to pinpoint predictors of usage, satisfaction, and overall integration outcomes. The final report will summarize the results of the survey and the implications for promoting the attraction and retention of immigrants in Alberta, as well as improving settlement outcomes.


Leads (Names and Cities of researchers):

  • Victoria M. Esses, The University of Western Ontario, London, ON
  • Zenaida Ravanera, The University of Western Ontario, London, ON
  • Meyer Burstein, WCI, Ottawa, ON
  • Gillian Stevens, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB


Start Date: February 2012



  • Survey of representative sample of immigrants who have been living in Alberta 3-60 months
  • Report to the Province of Alberta summarizing survey findings and implications
  • Presentation to relevant stakeholders


Funder: Government of Alberta


Pilot cities/sites (if relevant): N/A