Macrosocial Events and the Life Course: The Case of Young Temporary Migrants in Québec

This thesis examines discontinuities in the life course through the case of young temporary migrant working in the hospitality sector in Québec. Based on a qualitative longitudinal study, it explores how two events, the COVID19 pandemic and the Quebec Experience Program’s (PEQ) reform, affect their different trajectories (work, migration, education, etc.) and ultimately, their orientation of their life course. 22 people holding a temporary visa (TFWP, IMC, international students) when working in the hospitality sector in Quebec city have been interviewed in the summer of 2019, in the spring of 2020, and will be interviewed a third time in the autumn of 2021. The theoretical framework combines the life-course approach with the work-citizenship nexus (Goldring, Landolt, 2011) to understand how unpredictable events affect the life course of migrants with a precarious status in Quebec. 

Capucine Coustere
Degree: PhD
Status: In progress
Supervisor: Charles Fleury and Danièle Bélanger (co-supervisor)
Department and University: Department of Sociology, Université Laval