Jamaican Canadian Experience Live in Caregiver Program 1973

The paper queries discrimination against women emigrating from Jamaica, West Indies to Canada after the 1973 Employment Temporary Authorization changes. Having no landed status, coupled with limited ability to access the legitimate job market, kept several women captive and subject to precarious employment in undesirable areas of work. The Live-in Caregiver Program is a highly contested form of employment as it capitalizes on cheap labour and, arguably, imperialism. This unnecessarily complicates workers’ ability to mobilize socially and financially in comparison to peers. Migration for labour continues to be an issue of strategic development in managing Canada’s growth.

Georgette Morris
Degree: MA/MSc
Status: Completed
Supervisor: Merle Jacobs
Department and University: School of Public Policy Administration, York University
Email: georgettemorris1@gmail.com