Internationally Educated Professionals and Their Integration Into the Workplace in the Francophone Minority Context in Ontario: The Case of Teachers From Sub-saharan Africa

This research focuses on the study of the integration of foreign-trained Francophone immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa who have reoriented themselves to a teaching profession. This work examines how said professionals facilitate their own paths of integration into practice communities and additionally examine how said communities influence their own work and identities. The research poses questions such as: Based on their various previous social and professional experiences, and the transition from one profession to another, how do these teachers perceive themselves? How do the processes of integration within French-language schools shape one’s professional identity? And how does their participation in communities of practice impact their avenues of accessing teaching professions?

Yollande Dweme M. Pitta
Degree: Doctor of Education/EdD
Status: In Progress
Supervisor: Diane Farmer
Department and University: Department of Social Justice Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto