In the Woods: Forestry in the Professional Trajectory of Immigrant Workers in Quebec

Facing difficulties to find employment in the Quebec labour market because of its segmentation, some immigrants integrated the forestry sector, as it demands few qualifications while offering advantageous salary conditions. The findings of this research rely on interviews made with 16 immigrant forestry workers. The research analyzes the several steps of forestry work in their professional trajectory – job search, introduction, occupation, and exit – and its impact on their socio-professional integration assessed according to different criteria. First, the analysis identifies several worker categories, for whom forestry employment plays different roles depending on their professional context and aspirations. Second, the crossing of this case study with the existing literature permits to identify the recurrences of typical stakes concerning immigrant employment, but also some particularities of the Quebec forestry industry.

Louis-Pierre Beaudry
Degree: MA/MSc
Supervisor: Danièle Bélanger and Daniel Mercure
Department and University: Sociology, University Laval