From Cultural Mediation to Intercultural Rapprochement: The Experience of Intercultural Workshops Bringing Together Immigrants Enrolled in Francophonization Processes and Quebecers in the Sainte-Foy CEGEP

This study aims to explore the effects of cultural mediation on intercultural rapprochement, conducted in intercultural workshops operated by education institutions that welcome immigrants as part of the francophonization process. In order to carry out the research,  semi-structured interviews were conducted with immigrants who participated in francophonization processes and Quebec students who participated in a series of intercultural workshops organised in the Ste-Foy CEGEP, in Quebec City, during the 2007-2008 school year. The analysis of the data that was collected focuses on three dimensions: the relationship to French language appropriation, the issue of identity,  as well as the role played by cultural factors in relation to mediation. The findings demonstrate how cultural mediation and dialogue opened a space that allowed participants to develop an attitude of listening and of openness to otherness that fostered intercultural rapprochement.

Claudia Prévost
Degree: MA
Status: Completed
Directrice : Lucille Guilbert
Department and University: Department of History, Laval University
Link to completed thesis: