Equality Between Men and Women: Female Immigrants’ Perspectives

Some research suggests that immigration from the global South to the global North increases feelings of empowerment for women and leads them to actualize their attitudes concerning equality between men and women. In Canada, Quebec is the second largest receiving province of immigrants every year. This study aims to evaluate whether immigration to Quebec influences immigrant women’s adherence to gender equality. Eleven women of various origins who immigrated to Quebec were surveyed following a constructivist methodology in order to assess their perceptions of equality, gender identity, and empowerment. The results, analyzed according to postmodern feminism, suggest that adherence to equality between men and women was indeed influenced by immigration to Quebec. Participants discussed the factors that they felt had affected their perceptions, experiences, and behaviours in this respect.

Christine Delarosbil
Degree: MA/MSc / Master es arts/Master es science
Supervisor: Stéphanie Arsenault
Department and University: Department of Social Work, Laval University
Email: chri_del@hotmail.com