Emotional Geographies of Circular Migration of Seasonal Latin American Agricultural Workers

Every year, almost ten thousand temporary agricultural workers from Latin-America arrive, work and live throughout Quebec.  Considered as indispensable, they are invisible to most Quebecers and unknown to scholars who know very little about their experiences during their stay. From the perspective of Emotional Geographies, this doctoral thesis seeks to identify, analyse and understand the emotional costs associated with working conditions, the non-exercise of rights, and the recurrence of cycles of absence from, and return to, home over long periods of time, impacting workers, their families and the social fabric. At the same time, the temporary sojourns raise identity issues among the workers and emotional effects impact family and community dynamics, as well as socio-political, economic, legal and labour spheres.

Linamar Campos
Degree: PhD
Status: In Progress
Supervisor: Patricia Martin, Université de Montréal; Michèle Vatz-Laaroussi, Université de Sherbrooke
Department and University: Department of Geography, University of Montreal