Barriers Faced by New Immigrants When Seeking Emergency Health Services in the City of Kelowna – A Mid-Sized Canadian City

My thesis explores the barriers that new immigrants face when they access emergency health care services in the city of Kelowna, a mid-sized Canadian city. The primary objective of this research is to find what hinder new immigrants from accessing appropriate health care during emergency situations and find solutions for this problem. Many studies addressing immigrants’ access to health care were conducted in Canada. However, most of these studies were conducted in major Canadian cities. Little is known about immigrants’ access to health care in small- and mid-sized cities. Even less is known about new immigrants’ access to emergency health care. The results of this study will be used to provide policy makers in health services with recommendations for achieving equitable and safe access to health care. Also the study will be used as an avenue for further research in immigrants’ access to health care in mid-sized North American cities.

Emad Awad
Degree: MA
Status: Completed
Supervisor: Carlos Teixeira
Department and University: Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Program, University of British Columbia, Okanagan
Link to completed thesis