CRDCN 2017 National Conference – The Many Faces of Inequality: From Measurement to Policy

The New Residence Hall 3625 Parc Avenue, Montreal

Call for Proposals: Extended to July 7, 2017

In 2017 Canadians across the country are celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Confederation by attending special events and happenings, by learning about key historical figures and milestones, and by remembering collective achievements and successes.

While much was achieved during this century and a half which can rightfully be celebrated, there are critical issues that remain unaddressed or not fully addressed, and which, arguably, do not lend themselves to celebration.

This year, the CRDCN annual conference will examine some of these persistent issues by focusing on the many faces of inequality in Canada. We invite contributions addressing contemporary challenges as well as historical legacies, including but not limited to the following topics: Indigenous peoples’ health and well-being, income and poverty, educational opportunities, immigrants’ outcomes, gender disparities, and health gradients.

The annual conference is an opportunity to showcase research based on RDC data and to discuss the policy implications of that research. By focusing on inequality, we aim to provide evidence that will contribute to the adoption of policies ensuring equality of opportunity, if not of outcomes.

We accept proposals presenting research results, as well as data-related and methodological proposals. Non-thematic proposals will also be considered conditional on using RDC data. Oral as well as poster presentations are welcome.

Please note that researchers whose abstracts have been accepted by the scientific committee will have to register to the conference. Registration fees include: light breakfasts and lunches during the conference, coffee breaks, welcome cocktail, conference dinner, and workshops.

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