P2P Conference

Pathways to Prosperity 2023 National Conference Hits All-Time High

More than 1000 participants gathered in person and virtually at the Pathways to Prosperity 2023 National Conference.

PowerPoint presentations from the conference plenaries, workshops, and roundtables, where available, are now posted on the virtual conference platform, which remains open to all registered attendees. Recordings from the plenaries, keynotes and special addresses, and virtual sessions will be available soon.

On November 20-22, 2023, the Pathways to Prosperity Partnership held its 11th Annual National Conference – Exploring Innovation in Immigration and Settlement in Canada: Challenges and Opportunities of New Geographies, Modes, and Levels of Immigration. More than 700 service providers, LIPs and RIF, government representatives, researchers, and other interested parties from across the country were in attendance in person, with an additional 350 attending virtually.

The feedback received on both the main P2P National Conference and on the P2P Conference for Local Immigration Partnerships and Réseaux en immigration francophone is overwhelmingly positive. Overall ratings of the events ranged from 5.6 to 5.8 on a 7-point scale, with attendees especially appreciating the diversity of sessions and formats, and the special guest speakers. When asked if they would attend future Pathways to Prosperity Conferences, the response from attendees was a definitive YES. It was also clear that the hybrid format was highly valued by those who could not attend in person, and will continue to attract future attendance.

PowerPoint presentations from the plenary sessions, workshops, and roundtables, where available, are now posted on the virtual platform, which remains open to all registered attendees. All posters and exhibitor booths are also available on the platform. Recordings from the plenaries, keynotes and special addresses, and virtual sessions will be available soon.

Detailed Conference Report

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Welcoming Communities Toolkits

Toolkits designed to measure and promote welcoming communities that will attract and retain immigrants

Canada is in the midst of one of the largest intakes of immigrants in its 155-year history as our government looks to rebuild our economy and labour force following COVID-related disruptions. Although it is a country well known for its cultural makeup and diversity, a dedicated understanding and plan for supporting the settlement and integration of newcomers in communities of all sizes is imperative to the success of Canada’s immigration program.Pathways to Prosperity (P2P) has taken steps to aid in this transition with the development of the Welcoming Communities Toolkits. These toolkits have been developed based on P2P’s 2010 report “Characteristics of a Welcoming Community,” but have also taken into account newer research that more aptly speaks to the current world we live in and provides practical tools that interested parties can use to engage and set their communities on the road to becoming more welcoming.Two toolkits are being developed: the Measuring Welcoming Communities Toolkit, now released, and the Promoting Welcoming Communities Toolkit, to be released later in 2023. While they are two separate toolkits, they are being built to work in tandem.

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