P2P in the News

This section contains news reporting on the Pathways to Prosperity project and its research.


The Globe and Mail – How Welcoming are Communities to Immigrants? Researchers Design a New Tool to Find Out  – April 08, 2023


Western News – Western-led Partnership Releases Tool Kits to Help Communities Welcome Immigrants – April 04, 2023


Vancouver SunDouglas Todd: Quebec to Get 10 Times More than B.C. and Ontario to Settle Immigrants – April 22, 2021


The Globe and MailNext Steps for Canada in Strengthening Smaller and Rural Communities through Immigration – April 20, 2021


The Globe and MailPost-Pandemic Prosperity Requires a Public Dialogue on the Future of Immigration to Canada – April 12, 2021


The Globe and MailWe Should Not Be Complacent About Canadians’ Welcoming Attitudes Toward Immigrants – November 6, 2020


Western NewsNewcomer Program Preps for Post-Pandemic Realities – May 31, 2020


London Free Press – Analysis: Immigration to London Soars to Five-Year High – A Crucial Boost for Local Economy
March 7, 2020


St. Catharines Standard We Think of Them as Cash Cows.’ International Students Want to Immigrate, but Colleges, Employers Want to Boost Their Bottom Lines – September 27, 2019


CBC – The House No Wall to Prevent Trump’s White-identity Politics from Crossing the Border into Canada – July 20, 2019


Global News Some Canadians Still Believe Harmful Stereotypes About Muslims and Jews: Poll – May 24, 2019


Global News Ipsos poll shows Canadians have concerns about immigration. Here are the facts – January 4, 2019


Polestar Student Immigration News Higher-education Should Do More To Help Students with Immigration: Study – May 18, 2018


Global News If Immigration Was Slashed, Canada’s Economy Would Feel the Pinch: Report – May 16, 2018


Université de Sherbrooke La professeure Michèle Vatz Laaroussi reçoit le Prix Hector-Fabre 2017 – January 18, 2018


Mount Royal University Mount Royal Researchers Explore the Most Effective Methods for Providing Resettlement Information to Syrian Refugees – May 24, 2017


Science Magazine How Can We Blunt Prejudice Against Immigrants? – May 17, 2017


Radio Canada International L’immigration, une voie vers la prospérité du Canada – December 24, 2016


London Free Press – Western University Study Finds Visible Minorities Underrepresented in Senior Leadership Positions – October 18, 2016


New Scientist On the Road Again – April 9, 2016


ICI Radio-Canada – Qui sont les immigrants en Nouvelle-Écosse et quel est leur impact économique? – December 16, 2015


Global News (Halifax) Report says Immigrants to Nova Scotia Doing Well Economically – December 14, 2015


CTV News – AtlanticHoward Ramos on Refugees in Canada – December 13, 2015


The New York TimesSyrian Refugees Greeted by Justin Trudeau in Canada – December 11, 2015


The Chronicle Herald – NowNS: Immigrants Thrive in Bluenose Country – December 11, 2015


National Post –  Turkey’s Showcase Refugee Camps Hide Truth about Worst Facilities, Canadian Visitor Says – December 9, 2015


Ottawa Citizen – No Shortage of Helpful Hands for Refugees – December 3, 2015


AM980 London (The Pulse)Western’s Response to Syrian Refugee Crisis – Interview with Dr. Victoria Esses – September 17, 2015


Epoch TimesMany New Immigrants Opting for Prairie Provinces Over Toronto – March 19, 2015


RCI – Radio Canada InternationalImmigration francophone : Le défi de l’attirer et de la garder dans les villes de taille moyenne – 19 mars, 2015


New ScientistSiege Mentality – March 7, 2015


CBCMore Young Manitobans Setting Sights on Other Provinces, Stats Show – March 5, 2015


CBCOpinion: New Brunswick Should be ‘Nervous’ About Future Outmigration – September 11, 2014


University of Calgary International Intern Brings a New Lens to Immigration Research – July 21, 2014


Canada Foundation For Innovation – Tune-up for Canada’s Welcome Wagon: Studying the Country’s Immigration Services to Develop Ways to Help New Arrivals Find Their Footing – April 2, 2014


Western News – Bringing New Opportunity to the CommunityFebruary 27, 2014


New Canadian media – Bridging the Gap Between Immigrants and Minority Service Providers – November 20, 2013


New Canadian media – The Future of Immigrant Settlement in Northern Ontario  November 20, 2013


MintPress NewsCanadian Researchers Have Shown How Negative Portrayals of Migrant Workers Lead to their Being Viewed as Not Fully Human – October 15, 2013  Alles für die Quote: Medien inszenieren Krisen  September 26, 2013  Study: Media Dehumanises Immigrants, Creates False Crises  September 25, 2013


Western Gazette  Media Perpetuates Refugee Stigma – September 24, 2013


Hispanically Speaking News  Study: Media Plays Role in Dehumanizing Immigrants and Refugees  September 23, 2013


Metro News (London) – Media Has Role in ‘Dehumanizing’ Immigrants: Prof  September 20-22, 2013


Omni TV (Mandarin News)  Media’s Role  September 20, 2013


The University of Western Ontario  New Western Study Shows Media Play Role In Dehumanizing Immigrants and Refugees  September 19, 2013


London Community News – New Lab to Put Western on Cutting Edge of Immigration Research  June 22, 2013


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada  Rethinking International Recruitment: Better Integration is Essential  2013


Metro News (London)  Western Researcher Tackling Immigration  June 6, 2013


Thompson Rivers University – TRU Researching Immigration to Communities Across Canada   March 25, 2013


Phys.Org  Project Eyes Smoother Pathway for Immigrants  January 25, 2013


Western News  Project Eyes Smoother Pathway for Immigrants  January 24, 2013


The Manitoban  Brandon University a Key Player in Immigration Study January 21, 2013


Winnipeg Free Press  Brandon University involved in national immigration research project   January 14, 2013


Saint Mary’s University  Pathways to Prosperity  December 2012


Western News  Non-traditional Students at Projects’ Centre  June 29, 2012


The Metro (London)  Research May Help City Attract More Immigrants  June 14, 2012


University of Moncton  Des chercheurs de l’Université de Moncton participent à un partenariat de recherche de 2,5 millions de dollars portant sur l’intégration des immigrants  11 Juin 2012


The London Free Press – Newcomers Fan Out From Big Cities – June 7, 2012


University of Victoria – New Funding to Support Immigrant Settlement in Small and Medium-Sized Communities across Canada  June 5, 2012


Settlement at WorkPathways to Prosperity Partnership Supports Settlement and Integration of Immigrants across Canada – May 31, 2012


London Community News  Partnership Aims to Attract Immigrants to Smaller Communities  May 30, 2012


Pathways to Prosperity Press ReleaseNew Pathways to Prosperity Partnership Awarded $2.5-Million Grant to Support Settlement and Integration of Immigrants across Canada  May 28, 2012


Voie vers la prospérité communiqué de presse  La demande de subvention de Partenariat Voie vers la Prospérité obtient 2.5 millions de dollars pour soutenir l’établissement et l’intégration des immigrants à travers le Canada  28 mai 2012


Western News  Providing a ‘Pathway’ for Immigrants  May 28, 2012


CIReport  The Pathways to Prosperity Partnership Works to Settle Immigrants in Medium-Sized and Small Cities and Towns  May 28, 2012  Providing a ‘Pathway’ for Immigrant May 28, 2012


St Thomas Elgin LIP’s Blog  Welcoming Communities Initiative to be One of Five Regional Nodes in the Pathways to Prosperity Partnership  May 28, 2012


Canadian Newcomer Magazine  LIPs Across Canada – Local Immigration Partnerships Go National


Canadian Newcomer Magazine  How Do Immigrants Benefit from LIPs?


Western News  Research Award Promotes Diverse Communities  April 27, 2009