Pre-arrival Services for Filipinos in Alberta: Bridging Gaps in Immigrant Services

Pre-arrival services are considered important in the settlement and integration of immigrants and newcomers in Canada. Recent studies have indicated that pre-arrival services by host countries and pre-departure services by sending countries significantly contribute to the adjustment and adaptation of newcomers in destination communities. These types of services ultimately benefit individuals and countries at both ends of the migration journey.

Filipinos comprise one of the largest groups of non-white immigrants and newcomers in Canada since the 1980s. Of all immigrant groups from non-western countries Filipinos are visibly marked as the “other” yet are considered “ideal’ workers in certain occupational categories like health and service industries where they are most concentrated. Their entry into the labour market as a ready workforce presumes a level of understanding about Canada. This research explores the pre-arrival services that Filipinos in Alberta have access to before immigrating to Canada. It also looks into the autonomous strategies they employ to make their migration to Canada successful in the absence of such services.