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Meyer Burstein

613 746-6359; 613 222-1369

Meyer Burstein is an international consultant who conducts strategic assessments, policy and program research, evaluations,and policy and operational studies. He works in the field of social and economic policy and has worked extensively in connecting research with policy and program development. Meyer is the former Director-General responsible for strategic planning, research and analysis at the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada and is the co-founder of Metropolis, a pre-eminent, international policy-research project that focuses on migration and diversity. He has advised governments and a wide range of private and quasi-public organizations on policy, research and organizational issues. His main preoccupation at the present time is his work as a senior policy fellow with the Welcoming Communities Initiative.

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Current Job Sector

  • Consultant on social and economic policy

Previous Job Sector


Previous Positions and Responsibilities

Executive Head of the International Metropolis Project

Second Previous Job Sector


Second Previous Institutional Affiliations

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Second Previous Positions and Responsibilities

Director-General Strategic Planning, Analysis and Research

Skill Set

Functional Skill Set

  • Research
  • Evaluation
  • Planning
  • Organizing and network development
  • Policy and program development
  • Other
  • Linking research and policy development

Areas of Expertise

  • Civic, cultural, and political engagement
  • Economic development
  • Employment and workplace integration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Selection and recruitment
  • Settlement orientation
  • Social inclusion and identity

Target Populations

  • Refugees
  • Students
  • Temporary workers
  • Ethnic groups
  • Other
  • Economic class immigrants

Networks and Accomplishments

Memberships, Networks, and Voluntary Positions

  • Welcoming Communities Initiative; Senior Policy Fellow; 2008 to present
  • Metropolis International Steering Committee; Chair Emeritus; 2002 to present
  • IRPP (Institute for Research on Public Policy); Member of Board of Directors; 2008 to present
  • Oxford University Centre for Migration, Policy and Society; Policy Fellow; 2003-2008
  • Expert Advisory Group, Global Commission on International Migration, United Nations; Member; 2004-2005

Publications, Reports, and Presentations

  • Report; Reconfiguring Settlement and Integration: A Service Provider Strategy for Innovation and Results; Burstein, M.; 2010; prepared for the Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance
  • Book; Integration and Inclusion of Newcomers and Minorities Across Canada; Biles, J., Burstein, M., Frideres J., Tolley E., & Vineberg, R. (Eds.);
  • 2011
  • Report; Exploring the Effectiveness of Place-based Program Evaluations; Burstein, M., & Tolley E.; 2011; prepared for the Policy Research Initiative
  • Report; Combating Social Exclusion; Burstein, M.; 2004; prepared for the Policy Research Initiative
  • Report; Intersections of Diversity: Implications for Business Formation Entrepreneurship, Self-employment and Capital Markets – Policy and Research Issues; 2004; Canadian Diversity, published by the Association of Canadian Studies.
  • Managing Immigration and Diversity: The Case for Social Capital Policy; 2003; published in 'Opportunity and Challenge of Diversity: A Role for Social Capital' by the Policy Research Initiative
  • Report; 2003; a strategy paper prepared for the Rural Secretariat of Agriculture and Agri-food Canada to assist the Department in developing the National Rural Policy Framework
  • Report; The Business Case for Multiculturalism; Burstein, M.; 2003; prepared for the Department of Canadian Heritage
  • Report; Intersections of Diversity: Labour Markets and Training – Policy and Research Issues; 2004; Canadian Diversity, published by the Association of Canadian Studies
  • Report; The Future of National Immigration Policies in a Global Society: Analysis of Strategic Issues confronting Canada’s Immigration Program; Burstein, M.; 2002; prepared for Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Grants and Contracts

  • Open Method of Coordination; Citizenship and Immigration Canada Ontario Region; 2011
  • Organizational Best Practices; Citizenship and Immigration Canada Ontario Region; 2011
  • Innovative and Promising Practices; Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance; 2011
  • Northern and Small Communities: Strategic Planning and Research Needs; North Bay and District Multicultural Centre and Welcoming Communities Initiative; 2010
  • Reconfiguring Settlement and Integration: A Service Provider Strategy for Innovation and Results; Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance; 2010
  • Attraction and Rentention Workshop; Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Ontario, Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Welcoming Communities Initiative; 2010
  • Community Settlement Planning and Organization Pilot Study; Citizenship and Immigration Canada; 2009
  • A Strategy for the Ottawa United Way/Centraide: Promoting Civic Engagement and Meeting Immigrant and Minority Needs; United Way Ottawa; 2008
  • Fostering Francophone Immigration to Ontario: A Strategy for Attracting and Retaining Immigrants; Citizenship and Immigration Canada; 2007
  • Temporary Foreign Workers: Lessons Derived from International Experience; Government of Alberta; 2007

Awards and Distinctions

  • Head of the Public Service Award for Excellence in Policy Development; 1999; honorary; International Metropolis Project; awarded by the Clerk of the Privy Council for the year’s most outstanding contribution to federal policy development
  • Excellence in the Management of Information Technology in the Public Sector; 1998; Metropolis Project; Industry Award; Gold medal in the category 'Investing Strategically in Information Management and Information Technology - Building Partnerships' for Metropolis' success in fostering collaborative research and decision making across Canada and internationally


  • English
  • French

Geographic Interest

Provinces of Interest

  • Ontario
  • All provinces

International Regions of Interest

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Europe