Canadian Immigration Summit 2018: Strengthening Our Economy & Settlement Program

Shaw Centre, Ottawa, ON

The 2018 Summit is focusing on two major, related themes:

  • Growing Canada’s economy
  • Strengthening Canada’s settlement program

Due to its aging population and low birth rate, Canada is increasingly relying upon immigrants to spur economic growth. But a key question is: How can Canada better harness the skills of its newcomers to enhance immigration’s economic benefits? The answer largely depends on maintaining a strong settlement program that equips newcomers with the tools that they need to thrive in Canada’s economy and society.
Issues to be tackled at the Summit include:

  • Federal growth agenda: What steps can Ottawa take to spur innovation, entrepreneurship, investments, international trade, and inclusive growth through immigration?
  • Business community: How can we strengthen their role in the immigration system?
  • Meeting Canada’s labour market needs: How can we better ensure the regionalization of immigration and that newcomers address labour market needs in key sectors?
  • Provincial Nominee Program at 20: Where do we go from here?
  • Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program at 40: What lessons have we learned?
  • Settlement program: How can we improve service delivery, including language training, foreign qualification recognition, stakeholder collaboration, supports for temporary residents, funding models, and measuring outcomes?
  • Geopolitics: How are global events impacting Canada and how is Canada impacting the world?