Community Toolkits & Resources

Numerous reports have been produced by governments, research organizations and not-for-profit groups proffering advice on community and public action aimed at producing more welcoming communities.  This section provides easy access to these reports and allows readers to comment on their utility.

Welcoming & Inclusive Communities Toolkit

This Toolkit was designed to assist Municipalities in Alberta wishing to take action to reduce racism and discrimination and build welcoming and inclusive communities. It was developed to serve as a tool for Municipalities pursuing a “Social Inclusion” and/or “Building Welcoming Communities”…

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CIC Ontario Resource Guide

Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration together lead a toolkit working group made up of service provider organizations and municipal representatives who are members of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario. The toolkit is intended to provide…

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Toolbox of Ideas for Smaller Centres

National Working Group on Small Centre Strategies. Funded by The Government of Canada (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). The Toolbox is a practical tool for smaller centres to use as they build a strategy to address the issues surrounding the attraction and retention of immigrants. The Toolbox covers…

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